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Bon Iver – Holocene

We finished building the last of the furniture for my new apartment last night. The new media center was easier than I expected and the first thing I played on it was Bon Iver’s video Holocene. It made me miss Iceland.

It was a rough week moving and my back is aching. I’m going to need a day up at the Nordik spa just to get the kinks out although I am looking forward to hot yoga tomorrow. I have a lot of picture arranging on my beautiful large walls but that will be over the next several weeks. 
Several friends have already popped by and I can’t wait to have my inaugural gathering. Soon.

My map of Iceland

I have arrived from flying all day. I met some nice folks along the way. I am quite tired but can’t sleep. I have just unpacked my wool stuff from Iceland and am resisting importing and beginning to sort through my photos. That, and the 4K video from snorkeling at Silfra, will take some time.

Here is my map of Iceland as seen through artifacts that I collected. From the black smoothed rock from the Black Sands beach to porus volcanic stone from the thermal area around Myvatn. The clam shell is from the rocky shores of the south western  peninsula and the sea shell is from the east fjords


A hot tub with a view

I left Grundafjordur early this morning to avoid the storm pounding the peninsula. I slowly made my way south to Borganes and am here overnight and then on to Silfra for a dive tomorrow. I will spend one final night in Reykjavik and then back to Ottawa. 

Here are a few from today including my hot tub in Borganes where I’m sitting enjoying a glass of wine and watching the sun set.


Snaefellsnes part two 

Here are some photos from yesterday. I climbed another volcano and hiked the sea shore. I stayed ahead of the major precipitation but it was a grey day. I started with Kirkjufelll and ended with the Black Church at Búðir. FYI the church is black because it is covered in pitch for the weather, much like a ship.


It was a dark and stormy night

Last night was the fiercest weather that I have seen in Iceland. The rain was strong and steady but the wind raged across the countryside or so I observed from the comfort of my room overlooking Kirkjufelll. With no possibility of seeing the lights I decided the begin to organize myself for my return and to read some lengthy articles. One of which that I found most interesting was this story about a 19 year old mapping the fluid lines of jihadis in North Africa and south west Asia. It’s a fascinating story of the convergence of intellectual curiosity and technology.