Cloudy and rainy Easter Monday

A very relaxing weekend! I have enjoyed puttering around and doing nothing. Well, I ate a lot of food. Lots. Brownies. Red Meat. Bacon. Did I mention the multi-berry pie?

So not much to update. Hot yoga was great. Quiet class. I’m going to do a Game of Thrones mini-marathon in anticipation of episode 1 of season 3. After I finish watching this video of the Whistled Language of Oaxaca, Mexico. Interesting that some believe that language evolved from an earlier form of vocal communication: mimicking bird song.

Here is a great article on the re-opening of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. It was closed last year when I went so I will have to go back and spend hours there as well as the van Gogh, across the street.

Here is Simon Schama writing about it here.

The museum opens April 13.