Yeah…. my bad…

I’ve been quite busy lately.

The weather just keeps teasing. It promises sun, then gives us cold and rain. I’m pretty sure it will snow this afternoon. My friend sent me a photo of Pont Alexandre that was covered in snow taken last Thursday. Not much nicer here. I’m still (sort of) regretting postponing my trip but no biggie, in the grand scheme of things 🙂

Watching Kurosawa’s Kagemusha this lazy afternoon and I’m finishing a few books that I have been reading concurrently on my iPad such as the incredibly interesting Maps of Time. Grand swathes of history that puts Toynbee to shame. But, although good, there is something different about e-reading as opposed to the book. Maybe it’s different with a dedicated ebook reader but I’m not sold on e-reading. And I also don’t feel the same sense of shame as I do seeing an open book lying somewhere in my apartment. Since they are digital, those books can be hidden, and, perhaps, forgotten.

Oh yeah, Kagemusha is yet another Kurosawa imagemasterpiece. Literally, “shadow warrior” is an excellent tale of intrigue and also one of the last Kurosawa films. I have studiously watched each and every Kurosawa film that I could lay my hands on, including various edits. The only one left is Madadayo! It is a very interesting, although long, process to review an entire filmography!

Spartacus, the TV series, is almost over. Amazing season with great CGI and effects. The addition of Caesar was an interesting development! We will be watching the finale at lunch next week. We’ll have to keep the volume down!

And while I love the Sherlock Holmes character I must object to the U.S. network version. Watson is a chick (and my objection isn’t to her being a woman, I really enjoyed The Return Of Sherlock Holmes from 1987 with a female Watson) and Sherlock is falling in love with her, overcoming his mild social idiosyncrasies. Barf. Seriously? The Brits deploy Benedict Cumberbatch and excellect storylines for their remake of SH and you put out the Little Pony of Baskerville? Double barf.

Tomorrow is the date for the server migration so, fingers crossed, I wont lose my entire blog. With the server upgrade I hope to expedite my workflow, including writing posts using my iPad.