This time, Hitchcock!

I have decided to jump into another filmography, this time with Director Alfred Hitchcock! Hitchcock was a rather prolific director so the list is long. I will start with him films from 1925-1934. The list is as follows:

1925 The Pleasure Gardens
1927 Downhill
1927 The Lodger
1927 The Ring
1928 Champagne
1928 Easy Virtue
1928 The Farmer’s Wife
1929 Blackmail
1929 The Manxman
1929 Juno and the Paycock
1930 Murder
1931 Rich and Strange – East of Shanghai
1931 The Skin Game
1932 Number Seventeen
1933 Waltzes From Vienna
1934 The Man Who Knew Too Much

Phew! This will take me a while!