Yup…. my bad….

I have been quite busy lately so I apologize for the lack of updates!

The weather here is hot and humid. And I mean hot! All this week is in the 40s with the humidex but I am still resisting the call to put in my air conditioner! I was tempted last night as I cooked dinner but I survived!

If you are in the market for a new DSLR since your 16 megapixel camera just doesn’t cut it, try this.

A link here to some absolutely incredible time lapse movies of cities across the world. I love these!

And finally, for today (I promise to get back to a regular schedule soon!) is a fascinating look at artist Katerina Panikanova work painting books, you really have to see this for yourself here! Hmmm, perhaps her gallery deserves a visit when I am in Rome.

And yes, I will be posting my itinerary soon!

Oh, and I will be adding a post with photos of the artist in my building who puts up small drawn cutouts in the stairwells on my building. I just stumbled across this, more wonderfully imaginative images!