Yes. Too busy to post! :(

Vacation season is upon us. August is traditionally a time when most of my colleagues are on holidays. Since I tend to take my holidays in the fall, this is the busy season at the office since we are so short staffed!

So I tripped and fell yesterday while walking to work. Very bizarre sensation slipping and falling on the pavement in July. There were freshly painted lines on Laurier and I just wiped out, slipping, I’m assuming, from either water or the reflective dust. My iPhone case is busted, I have a hole in my pants, a bruise on my knee, scrapes on my hands from my attempt to buffer my fall, and I have lost any chances of the coveted Mountain Goat award (I made the last one up). I have submitted a claim against the City for the repair of my iPhone case and my pants, but I won’t hold my breath. Très embarrassé. 🙂

I finally got a chance to get back to hot yoga on Sunday. It is very nice to get back to a regular schedule! I’m going to get my camera out this weekend! That will be quite nice! I miss just going out and taking photos!

Here is a quick link to an article written by Martin Scorsese on film literacy. When I read the article I went onto YouTube to watch the early 20th century films that he was speaking about such as the Great Train Robbery. Aint technology grand!

Anf, finally, if you haven’t seen this interview of Azlan on Fox “News”, you really should. Azlan, a biblical scholar, essentially rebuffs all of the clumsy anti-intellectualism of this interviewer on Fox tv (hard to call it news, right?). Essentially what the interviewer says is that Azlan, a Muslim, doesn’t really have any right to study Jesus. Even though Aslan is a professor of religious studies. Crooked Timber, of course, has the best academic commentary on this issue.