Embedding .m4v / .mov in HtML using iOS – ftp from iPhone 6

I needed to upgrade my iPhone 4s and decided to get the iPhone 6. I think this hardware upgrade is significant. I was really impressed with the camera feature and the sweet slo-mo 240fps video. I grabbed some test videos but was peeved that the m4v files created by my iPhone were unavailable to upload using the WordPress app. I would love to have the ability to take a video, upload to my server, link it to my mobile wordpress app for internet consumption.

Since there was no free app to do it I decided to see what sort of a work around I could come up with.

I downloaded iTransfer (free) to upload the video from my phone to my server (idonthaveacoolname.com) and then ftp them (free) to the remote server into their secured video location for access. Once I had them on my server I found that I could simply link them to the html page. The problem then was the player, a few tweaks to the server has led me to these series of experiments. I activated a few plugins on my server that should allow for both audio and video to be rendered by the server, not using a flash container that is inaccessible on my iOS devices.

First a link to a .mov file that I expect to render in its own player using HTML 5. This means all newer browers would use HTML5 while mobile devices would consume an mp4 stream. There should be player controls.

This .mov was uploaded from my iPad (an older Paris one with Lana del Rey :). I needed to work from my iPad first since typing html code into an iPhone is tortuous. I do not have any m4v on my iPad but I will start here.


success. so uploading from my ipad worked.

The next experiment will be to link a movie from my server, the ones that I uploaded from my iPhone earlier.


success. next I need to use an m4v meaning that I have to switch to my phone and write code using that mini screen. ugh. the pains of scientific curiosity 😉

But this doesn’t work????? 8mg limit? What the?

Hardlinked .mov file

nope 🙁