Not all those that wander are lost – Tolkein

It is 5:38am and today is day 0 of my Italian adventure. I am fully packed, well, re-packed since I have abandoned my recently purchased Thule bag in favour of my tried and true Osprey 33 liter backpack that has served me quite well in the past, especially for the series of 10-15k hikes in Tuscany that I have planned this week in the Val D’Orcia.

My friends DK and KL are driving me to the airport this afternoon and my flight is 4 to Montreal, 6 this evening to Zurich, then onto Rome arriving, Rome time, at 9 in the morning, giving me a full first day to wander and survey the hills of Rome before heading out to Tuscan hills the morning after.

Thanks to LL for her hotel tip as well as all of the information on TIM cards. I should be fully connected throughout my trip and allow me to post photos daily. Bracelets and photos of Medici on horseback, check!

And a special thanks to SM for taking care of my plants.

My next update will be from the Eternal City!