Sensory Overload

I am tired. Dog tired after 12 hours of flight and layovers. The Zurich layover was almost non-existent since I literally got off one plane then walked to another terminal where the plane was waiting for me and one other person.

I took a few pictures from the plane over Switzerland and then Tuscany but tough to take photos from a plane.

Just as we were about to land at Fiumicino I could have sworn that I saw the dome of St.Peters!

I found the train quite fast by following the yellow train signs. I bought my ticket (stamped it on the left side of the machine) at the kiosk and off to Rome I went.

I immediately went to the 2nd floor to the TIM store at the train station. The guy at the store was very helpful! I was up and running in minutes. I went to er Burchetto and inhaled a pork sandwich. I was really tired since I don’t sleep much on the plane but Here are a few images from today