Okay…. Maybe I just needed a good sleep

So my buddy SL left for his home in Switzerland today. We parted after a morning walk across the Rialto to the Frari Church. I had a big breakfast here at the hotel and several cups of coffee. The Rialto Market was fantastic as was the Frari. The aqua alta was really alta so we made our way across San Marco on the elevated cross walks, along with every tourist in Venice. Stefan wasn’t sure that we could make it to the vaparetto stop near the Ducal Palace without getting wet but I argued that there was no way that a Venetian taxpayer would allow that to happen. I was right! He did leave his crazy water moon boots behind but I have yet to get my feet wet.

After he left I knew I had to get out of the San Marco sestieri and so I headed to the Palazzo Gramani to see the Hiroshige exhibition. I first saw it many years ago in Japan and was really excited. I got there and the doors were locked. Boy was I disappointed. However, maybe due to the number of churches that I have visited in the past several weeks, I noticed that there was another door that when I tried, allowed me entrance. I was super happy! After that I went to the Gesuti church and then wandered along the waterfront back to my B&B. I’m going to out for a bite to eat and a few more night photos!

What a difference a good sleep and resting my feet has made.