Leaving Venezia

I just got on board the high speed train bound for Rome. I spent the morning at the Doge’s Palace at the insistence of the (very hot) receptionist at my hotel. I asked what her choice would be between the Doge’s Palace of St. Marks Basilica, she said Doge’s Palace, for sure. I always listen to beautiful women (call it a character flaw) so off I went. I was amazed at both the interior and the “Bridge of Sighs” (called that by Lord Byron who thought that prisoners would sigh as they were led the bridge with a tiny window to the prison.) I sighed as I walked across in homage to him.

I rushed through, cognizant of the time but as I left I realized that there was practically no line at the campanile so I went up for a birds eye view.

Thank goodness that I had already packed since I didn’t have much time to get to the train station!

I will write more when I get to Rome;I am still absorbing the Serenissima.