What a day!

I began the day rather early, making my way past Castle San Angelo to the Vatican. St. Peter’s was an awesome sight. This is the only place that I have ever been the deserves the appellation awesome.

I attended Mass at 7:30 then wandered snapping every angle of the most beautiful building I have ever seen. The homily at Mass was befitting for Remembrance Day, the feast day of St. Martin of Tours, an elite fourth century warrior who learned to serve others to serve God. Peace.

I then did the underground Scavi tour to see the original graves below what is now St. Peter’s. The tour guide was very knowledgeable and, while super humid and tight, one of the best tours ever.

My feet took a beating today. I left the Vatican and made my way to lunch in Trastevere and found the book store that sold architectural drawings but unfortunately it was closed 🙁

I then went to the Aranchi Garden with a beautiful view of the city and then on to the Maltese keyhole. You will have to wait for those photos since the focal length of my phone doesn’t work here.

I also stopped by the Boca de la Verita, made famous by the 1953 classic Roman Holiday with Hepburn and Peck.

I made my way back to the Locanda Navona and am now uploading my images and resting my feet!

//and I am well over 11,000 photos for the trip!