At the airport. It is 20 and sunny, hoping for the same in Ottawa

After being driven to Fiumicino this morning in a Mercedes coupe being driven by, I assume, a close relative of Mario Andretti, here I sit, waiting for my gate to be assigned. The check in through security was seamless although they did ask me to remove my belt. Knock on wood I have never had to remove my shoes. I then had my last café and chocolate croissant for the time being,

I already miss Rome. Speeding through the city this morning with the soothing sounds of Bruce Springsteen (Italians have a love affair with US music, even if they don’t understand much of it) and the rumble of the engine was an excellent ending to a really wonderful trip. My driver was quite nice and I will use his services in the future. I just scratched the surface of this wonderful country but am looking forward to my next trip.

Ciao Italia.