Santa Eustachio coffee and top list

I brought back some coffee beans from Rome. Sant Eustachio has the best coffee that comes already sugared. It is rich and syrupy and awesome. The shop smelled like you were inside of a well used coffee bean grinder. And when I opened my suitcase, it reeked sweetly of coffee.

I think I want to get married in that shop 🙂

I had an espresso there almost each day in Rome. It was such a treat to alternate between there and some of the other amazing places near the Pantheon to get my pick me up.

So this morning (er, afternoon to me) I decided to grind myself some coffee and I polished up my espresso machine for the occasion 🙂

Italy best of:

Rome: coffee, food, and water. Water from the street fountains is the best.

Montipulciano: wine and wild boar. Did I mention the wine and boar,

Pienza: d’uh pecorino cheese and the sunrise

Siena: the view from everywhere and the Duomo

Florence: food, leather, and food. Did I mention the food?

Venice: the view and the seafood.