Really? Nothing since December?

I feel really out of the loop and do promise to spend more time putting together ore posts. My two photo books are done, the first has arrived and the second is on its way. Each are 240 pages from Blurb, hardcover with the Pearl Paper. i used the Lightroom plugin for Blurb and it was easier than i thought from a workflow perspective. More to come about that.

I did, however, feel inspired to write a post about the occupation of the Central Building at the University of Amsterdam. Seems students are upset at the growing commodification of this university and education in general. The students foolishly believe that there are noble paths in pursuit of knowledge and that, say, art history is at least as valuable as a degree in business administration. This isn’t to suggest the irrelevancy of the latter; rather, that the former should be accorded the same respect.

More here in Dutch.

And Google Translate into English.

God speed!