Velkomin til Iceland

So after a rather long flight with no sleep I have arrived in Iceland! The flight wasn’t long but the two hour lay over in Halifax after a spotty sleep the night before due to excitement meant that when I arrived at 5 Iceland time I was exhausted. 

Until I got my car and starting my road trip!

We arrived an hour early due to a strong tailwind  but that was great since it gave me time to by a SIM card that I’m using right now to upload this message. 

My rental was from Lagoon and while expensive, the service was exceptional! I was on the road quickly and went south right away since my check in time in Reykjavik wasn’t until 2. I drove throughout the southern peninsula and just kept saying out loud (meh.. I’m alone in my car) how phenomenal the landscapes were. I stopped many many times and got rained on throughout!

I know the forecast is for clear skies by even in the rain, Iceland is beautiful.

After a rather leisurely drive to Reykjavik I had trouble finding s parking spot! I found one and made my way to my hotel.

The very attractive receptionist was even more helpful than I expected and I just got in from the hot tub (this will be a theme for this trip!). I’m watching some UK Apprentice and leave early tomorrow for Silfra, Gullfoss, and Geysir. Gudman, the photographer (see below) gave me some great tips for the region. Fingers crossed for aurora!

After a quick trip today to the main church, I ended it by going to Mink portrait studio and getting my photos done.
The first is my studio and the second is from the sitting!