Iceland – the first few days

I arrived two days ago and my eyes are still getting used to seeing what they are seeing. The landscape is nothing that I have seen before and it takes forever to get anywhere since I am always stopping to take photos!

My first day in Iceland was spectacular! As I said, I arrived at “way too early” o’clock after gaining an hour with a fast tailwind on the plane. I disembarked and went through customs. We had all received an email stating that labour actions could impact our customs inspection but it turned out that it wasn’t an issue at all. Customs seemed to be far more concerned with people bringing alcohol than anything else. I breezed through and went to pick up my luggage that arrived, literally, within seconds. Keflavik is under construction but it’s laid out nicely. I then went to the duty free shop to buy chocolate and wine. Even at customs a bottle of wine was $30! I’m not sure that my friend TC could survive here!

I then got my SIM card for my phone and waited a few minutes for the shuttle bus to take me to my car. It’s still early in my trip but Lagoon car rental certainly deserves its good reputation since dealing with them was fast. They gave me an upgrade since my 4×4 was damaged from the last owner (who probably went off the road because they were looking at the landscape).

So at 6 in the morning I started to drive! Check in time at my hotel was at 2 and since I hadn’t slept for a while (Icelandic Air flight was great but I was too excited to sleep) I was cautious. Once I started driving the cool Icelandic air woke me right up… Or was it the double espresso?

Below are a smattering of iPhone images from the first day including  random steam vents on the southern peninsula, a view from the top of the Church in Rek, random trolls on the streets (one of which is Mother Christmas who eats naughty boys and girls) and my photo shoot at Portrait studio where I dressed up like a Viking! 🙂