Winter, hot tubes, and Europe’s most powerful waterfall

Wow! What a day!

I left Egilstader right after breakfast this morning ready for the long drive to the North. The landscape changed rapidly and snow covered the ground. The sun was out and as I went inland, the chill of the humid sea air was no more. 

The mountains were phenomenal! I made good time once I crossed the mountain range that was covered with snow. As I reached the flatter land I opened my car up and blasted an old Bruce Sprinsteen album.

Since I made such good time I diverted to Dettifoss first rather than Lake Myvatn right away. Since it was a nice day I wanted to take advantage! The route to Dettifoss was an unpaved road that was closed, meaning it wasn’t plowed. I blazed the trail and after an hour, and the car in front of me giving up, I hit snow that threatened to swallow the truck. It was wet and fresh and covering the massive pot holes underneath. I didn’t think I would make it but, as usual for Iceland, just when you don’t think you’ll make it, there it is!

Dettifoss is massive and incredibly powerful. I could hear it’s roar from where I parked my car. At 45 meters (you’re welcome MVH) it isn’t the tallest but boy is it powerful! 

Here I am at Dettifoss: 

Wait… That’s from the movie Prometheus 

I continued up route 862 but the snow got much deeper so I decided not to tempt fate. I hadn’t seen another vehicle for hours and that was the last place I wanted to be stranded!

I turned the car around and headed to Myvatn. The next stop was Hverir, an active thermal plane. The turquoise ground was eerie and the mud will be stuck to my boots forever. The sulphur smell is pungent and, like the mud, going to be with me for a while.  

I arrived at my farm stay and am now busy downloading my photos. I’m here for two days and tomorrow wil be hiking and more hiking around the lake and around an inactive volcano!