MidJourney… wow!

Diving into AI with ChatGPT is bad enough but midjourney really impressed me and kept me up into the small hours last night. Here are a few renderings. I will add the prompt below the images. I have been using ChatGPT to build prompts but simple declarative statements deliver some great results.

Speaking of ChatGPT, here is a good article in The Atlantic on the potential that ChatGPT will put white collar workers out of work. I will find a research paper that I worked on years ago looking at an Oxford study on the impact of AI on labour markets and link it here with my other older documents. I converted their probability tables (based on SOC occupations used in the UK) into NOC to see the potential impact on recent immigrants to Canada – spoiler alert – bad for telemarketers, not bad for drug rehabilitation counsellors.

Paper cut out inspired by Dante’s Inferno
Celtic Raven tattoo
Meditating on the nature of time under a tree floating in space
And this one just still has me shook. It was my very first image and I asked it to paint Cy Twombly’s peonies in the late style of Philip Guston. The shadow is what really amazed me as those who have read my essay will know.