Blending the old and the new

A friend thought that the photos that I had taken at the Shawville Mine looked like Ansel Adams and while flattered, I’m not letting it go to my head.

I scanned in one of the Provia 120mm images and then loaded it into midJourney –v 4 with the prompt “Ansel Adams” and got the second image. I have been blending styles and find it remarkable that both the image and the prompt are seen here especially in the composition and the use of striations.

Mamiya RB67 scan from film
MidJourney –v 4: image + “Ansel Adams”

And here is an artist blend that I am re-doing in version 5 of Cy Twombly and Egon Schiele. Some just don’t work but some of the Philip Guston blends are sublime! Unfortunately I can’t get the mid-20th century artist Francis Bacon, it always defaults to his historical namesake.

Prompt –v 5: art by Cy Twombly and Egon Schiele