Recent ML/AI updates – What a week!

Wow. Quite the week for AI and machine learning stuff. Not only did MidJourney release version 5 but also ChatGPT-4!

Knolling MacBook Pro in MidJourney v5

Stanford Alpaca: installing a local version of a LLM is literally on the horizon. Being able to query a specific local user-defined dataset has implications that I can’t even comprehend.

Google AI: the announcement of the PaLM API allowing the integration into all of the online Google tech like Google Sheets!

Anthropic launched Claude which can summarize, and collaborate on a “safer” platform than ChatGPT.

Nvidia Conference – AI Event March 20-23rd.

Finally, Microsoft launched 365 co-pilot which, like Google AI, is to be integrated into all MS products so you can ask for things like audio notes from earlier meetings!