Mamiya RB67 + Digital Back + Midjourney

I finally received my digital back for my analog Mamiya RB67. I am having some focus issues but I have found leaving the shutter open helps with the testing. I will install the app and maybe that will help. But in the meanwhile I have been uploading my test shots to MidJourney for visualizations. Here are the prompts from the /describe command. I love some of the results although some of the prompts aren’t easily understood!

The out of focus original from the digital back on my Mamiya RB67.
Midjourney results from /describe
  • books on top of a computer in the style of pinhole photography, darkly comedic, #vfxfriday, quiet introspection, ninetencore, loose gestural marks, understated sophistication –ar 323:242
  • a stack of books on the desk, in the style of found footage, gadgetpunk, pinhole photography, thx sound, controlled chaos, les nabis, understated sophistication –ar 323:242
  • this is one of many books, in the stule of holga 120n, piles/stacks, low bitrate, nintencore, peter saville, dark and moody, ub iwerks –ar 323:242
  • stack of books in a home office, in the style of pinhole camera , gadgetpunk, dark subject matter, anti-gloss, tinkercore, candid, grainy –ar 323:242

I’m not sure what “nintencore” means but it appears twice. Holga and pinhole camera make sense though. I’m not sure how the algorithm “derived” this from the photo but here are the results!

And I used the new zoom out feature on the first MidJourney image above.

MidJourney’s new zoom out feature.

Adjusting Focus: