London 2024 – the Food!

Kiln, Palomar and Frog. I cannot really describe how good all the food that I ate was. From the fish and chips to the street Thai food, everything was so good. These are the highlights!

Kiln was so good. I was speaking with a couple out front before it opened and opted to sit kitchen side after hearing their recommendation. Someone else said eat the glass noodles and they were so good. The ox heart was surprisingly tasty and that kale disk had no right being as good as it was.

Palomar’s cuisine was also so good. Middle Eastern and the various dips, sauces, and vegetables were just so damn tasty. I savoured each and every bite. The kitchen was nothing but hot coals and clay pots. My mouth was on fire with the hot spices and I was there for it!

Frog was a spectacular experience! I was sitting kitchen side so it was great being served by chef. He explained each dish as he served and the storytelling was almost as good as the food. Almost. His philosophy of sustainability and how he wants to redefine food “waste” is intriguing to say the least. The whole experience was amazing and the attention to detail was exceptional. Down to the take away box of sweets.

I was spoiled for choice in London and I cannot wait to get back and enjoy more.