London 2024 – Tuesday

I was tired by day 2. Excited and tired. Im happy that breakfast was great to start the day. I probably had too much coffee but I had a big day ahead of me! The genesis of my trip was the Philip Guston exhibition at the Tate Modern. It was pretty amazing entering the first room and seeing his paintings in real life. I had only seen the one in the archives downstairs at our own Nation Gallery and its presence is felt with the texture of the brushstrokes and the size of the works. These are his murals and I wandered back and forth, room to room just awed by seeing this collection. I stopped at the Courtald for the Frank Auerbach show of his charcoals. Auerbach’s work that I also saw a few years back at the Tate Britain show is architectural in the way that he applies form, perhaps sculptural is a better word? The Courtald also has an amazing collection of the Impressionists and I lingered in front of the Cezanne for too long perhaps. And after a phenomenal dinner, (I’ll make a separate post just for food photos) I wandered the Parliament district is search of some black and white photo opportunities. My camera loved London.