Movie of the Night: none

It is snowing and still -10 so we decided that tonight is a good time to go to the Nordik Spa. If you haven’t been, go. That’s it, nothing to see here. Carry on. Unless you want me to run down my day in the Corporate Planning world? Didn’t think so.


In The Flesh: BBC3

BBC3 has joined the zombie er, partially dead, movement with In The Flesh. Kieren Walker was once afflicted with Partial Death Syndrome. That’s right, once. The undead are de-undeaded, meaning that with proper medication, these former zombies are about to be re-integrated into society. Walker lives in a rural area and quickly confronts the spectre of prejudice: full blown armed gangs (religiously motivated… always rational and level headed mobs) that are willing to defy the central governments attempt at re-integration. I’m hoping for pitch forks and burnings. Walker also has to deal with recurring flashback from when he used to eat brains. Great first episode! Only two more episodes and I’m certain to watch them all!

More info here, with the trailer.

iOS storyboards

I am loving learning Xcode! Really different from Actionscript but does share a lot of common object-oriented best practices.

I started with a great book from Apress called Beginning iOS Storyboarding here.

March snowstorm

So we are being blanketed my 5-7cm of snow today. I’m happy since I am heading to the Nordiq Spa this week but not looking forward to going to the gym this morning! Come on summer!

Photo links of the day

Check out these very nice landscape photos by Jared Chambers here. I love his shots from Mt Davidson Park, SF. Very nice!

Some awesome shots from a GH2 in Iran here from Amos Chapple.

And an awesome guide to using adapted lenses for the Micro4/3 system, like the GH2 here.

Tonight’s Movie: The Man From Nowhere

imageA 2010 South Korean movie that has been suggested to me by a few friends. I will give a longer synopsis after I watch the film.

From IMDB, a seemingly standard plot, think Leon: “A quiet pawnshop keeper with a violent past takes on a drug- and organ trafficking ring in hope of saving the child who is his only friend.”

More @ IMDB.

Update. Not as good as Leon but there were elements of very artistic camera work that was, unfortunately, too lonely in a sea of “seen it done better before.” And I hate voice overs but I had no choice. I much prefer the original language with subtitles. I can read.

More derivative than original but worth the watch if you are in the mood for a South Korean crime thriller about drug smuggling and illegal organ harvesting.

And yes, I suck at movie reviews.

I liked the aspect ratio of the film.

Tonight’s Movie: Escape from New York

John Carpenter’s classic 1981 movie with Snake Pliskin (Kurt Russell) attempting to rescue the President of the United States after his plane crashes in the maximum security prison that is the island of Manhattan. The year, 1997.

I wonder if in this alternate timeline Elton John’s Candle In The Wind is the number 1 song of the year?

Stanley Kubrick cinemagraphs

One of Tristan’s university friends is the creator of a great app called Cinemagram. These are images with a portion of the image animated. Very cool effect that takes planning and some Photoshop and After Effects work (or the above mentioned app). A video tutorial is available from this link below.

I noticed this today over at Open Culture, cinemagraphs from Stanley Kubrick films.

Masterchef Australia: The Professionals

One of my favorite cooking shows is Masterchef Australia: The Professionals. I was hooked on the last season of Masterchef Australia, much better than many of its international competitors.

I avoided mentioning it lest that guy send me an email spoiling yet another cliff hanger.

A great season! Chef Marco White is the best!

This link is to the recipes from the entire season. Some really nice dishes here. I should eat more lamb.

No spoilers here but there are at the MC website so be warned!

Site update!

So my host is upgrading my server on April 8th meaning that I will be upgrading this version of WordPress and linking it with the main page!

Still working out some bugs but I think that the new control panel will make some things easier! Like photo uploading, the whole point of this blog. Seems that my iPad interface won’t upload certain images. I blame a hidden conspiracy or my lack of technical knowledge, either/or.

Also, I am inviting a few friends to have access to posting so together we can share photos and stories! And yes, Tristan, it is like Facebook but without the corporate ownership and privacy intrusions.