Stanley Kubrick cinemagraphs

One of Tristan’s university friends is the creator of a great app called Cinemagram. These are images with a portion of the image animated. Very cool effect that takes planning and some Photoshop and After Effects work (or the above mentioned app). A video tutorial is available from this link below.

I noticed this today over at Open Culture, cinemagraphs from Stanley Kubrick films.

Masterchef Australia: The Professionals

One of my favorite cooking shows is Masterchef Australia: The Professionals. I was hooked on the last season of Masterchef Australia, much better than many of its international competitors.

I avoided mentioning it lest that guy send me an email spoiling yet another cliff hanger.

A great season! Chef Marco White is the best!

This link is to the recipes from the entire season. Some really nice dishes here. I should eat more lamb.

No spoilers here but there are at the MC website so be warned!

Site update!

So my host is upgrading my server on April 8th meaning that I will be upgrading this version of WordPress and linking it with the main page!

Still working out some bugs but I think that the new control panel will make some things easier! Like photo uploading, the whole point of this blog. Seems that my iPad interface won’t upload certain images. I blame a hidden conspiracy or my lack of technical knowledge, either/or.

Also, I am inviting a few friends to have access to posting so together we can share photos and stories! And yes, Tristan, it is like Facebook but without the corporate ownership and privacy intrusions.


VLC Remote: iOS app for iPad/iPhone

So one of the reasons why I haven’t posted in a day or two is because I have been busy upgrading my PC in my living room with a new SSD and Windows 7.

Both were frustrating since it is rare to do these sorts of things but in the end, all is well and running like a charm. I always enjoy doing these computer repair jobs after they are finished.

I re-installed VLC Remote (an app for my iPad/iPhone) that runs that computer and the TV! Great app, gives me the ability to control the playlist, pause, volume control etc. I had some issues with Windows 7, sent an email to the developer and he responded within 15 minutes. God bless the interTubes!

So if you are like me and use your device to control your TV, pay the $4.99 for the Pro version. I appreciate good software and excellent customer support. Thanks Rob.

Inside Job? The real truth about the Death Star

Okay, my bad for being busy and not posting for a day or two!

So today after yoga I was mentioning to my friend that I was staying away from the news and my iPad since i didn’t want to spoil my watching of George St.Pierre’s fight against Nate Diaz in Montreal last night. I was really excited to get home and watch the recorded fight!

Just then, some dude, from across the room, decides to blurt out the winner of the main card. Spoiler Alert. Some people are really foolish.

But this has put me in a good mood: was the destruction of the Death Star an inside job? This video is quite convincing and the evidence is damning.

Habemus papam!

And nope, wasn’t me 😉

Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina was elected in a “surprise” (according to Reuters News) choice (not a big surprise to many because he was the number 2 choice last time) to be the new leader of the Roman Catholic Church today, the first non-European pontiff in nearly 1,300 years (Syrian born Gregory III in the eighth century), and said he would take the name Francis (not Francis I, as noted in the media. He become I when there is a II). Bergoglio is the first Jesuit to become pope.

So it appears that his name is for Francis of Assissi but I would think, as a Jesuit, it would be for Francis Xavier?

I wonder if this dude got a good shot of the new pope?