Weekly wrap up

I mentioned a few posts back about the early roots of my love of movie title design. I happened to run across this post on Open Culture here. It is called The Film Before The Film. Enjoy!

Some really cool long exposure wake boarding in the dark with glow sticks photos here.

An incredible time lapse from New Zealand here. And a very impressive portfolio of work by the artist Bevan Percival as well. Check out the spectacular lenticular cloud time lapse here. Incredible work. I am totally envious of this stuff!

And while we’re talking about time lapse, here is my all time favorite, always worth a watch is The Mountain. The music, from Ludovico Einaudi – “Nuvole bianche” is excellent too!

And, finally, from The New York Review of Books, an excellent article on Japanese photographers Hiroshi Hamaya and Kansuke Yamamoto and their documentary photography.

Well, Hello World!

So while the screen real estate is limited, I think that this, my first post using the WordPress iPad app, is yet another success today.

Must be that awesome meal last night at Allium 🙂


So the migration was a success!. There were some hiccups since for the first while none of my photos were showing up. And then I realized that I hadn’t even backed up this site! Yikes! But all is well and everything is working now!

I’m on my Macbook now but the workflow on the iPad seems to work as well. The new version of WordPress is quite amazing! I’m going to check out the iPad app but the reviews aren’t great! 🙁

Hi Ho, Hi Ho….

It’s off to work I go.

I must still be delirious since I am really happy to get back to the office 🙂