Canada Post: Why Canada needs Postal Banking

In all the huzzah over the holidays, I forgot to post this link from the CCPA on why introducing a banking feature to Canada Post would save the institution, provide a cheaper alternative to the major banks, and contribute profits to the Public Purse.

Meaning that it is the best possible alternative that will be summarily dismissed since it runs counter to the political imperative to privatize Canada Post.

early Kubrick

I really enjoyed The Killing last night. This early Kubrick film from 1956 was fantastic! It had an interesting narrative structure, skipping back and forth from character to character back and forth in time as they plan to rob a racetrack. Great characters! The pacing of the horserace in an early scene must have been great on the big screen in a theatre. I hadn’t seen that Kubrick film before but his budgets grew from this early gem.

On another note, my hallway floor is now 75% complete. I will post images when finished! My buddy Darren is great with renovations so I am lucky to be getting such great work! 🙂

The weather is turning cold and it is damp. I really noticed it this morning as I went to the gym. Scary stuff!


Why I wouldn’t invest in Facebook

I was once asked about Facebook and if I thought it was the new google. I didn’t and still don’t. Facebook doesn’t really do anything. It aggregates your data in a graphic user interface that you can easily use. To me, it is essentially the same as the open source WordPress. The other reason why Facebook isn’t a great investment is that while once cool, it isn’t anymore. I give it another few years before it becomes mySpace 2. Funny stuff here.

Varia – August, 2013

I had to take the day off from work today since I pulled a hamstring at the gym this morning running interval sprints. So here I sit, ice pack and all. What it does allow, however, is to get back to posting and watching some movies. First up is Sam Pekinpah’s 1975 film The Killer Elite with James Caan and Robert Duvall. While not in the same top tier of Pekinpah’s classics, I do recall that I enjoyed this movie when I saw it years ago. More at IMDB here.

Tristan and Marion have taken possession of their new home, a few blocks away. Friday evening was a minor gathering of sorts where I met the parents of T/M’s friends in Pittsburg and Tristan’s squash partner. I had a very nice night drinking champagne and looking at some Paris pictures with Yves and Giselle. I am very envious since they both leave soon for several months in wonderful Paris where they spend lots of time. I’m hoping to have coffee with them in Paris and learn more about that wonderful city from Yves, who has already suggested picturesque spots that I didn’t even know existed! And did I mention how beautiful T/M’s new place is? A great space!

And I helped Darren move their stuff into their new place steps away from Westboro beach! i know that the kids will love being so close to the beach, being that they just moved from their house close to Kitsilano Beach on the wet coast. A really great house with fantastic character and a great backyard! Great neighbourhood and wonderful space.

So here are some links to various things that have piqued my interest over the last few days:

Metabones has introduced a speedbooster for my micro 4/3rd camera!! I have only recently been introduced to this technology but, from what I can gather, this will not only increase the size of the sensor image to close to full-frame, but it will also give me a full stop of light. My Tokina 11-16mm f2.8, for example, would become closer to an 8-9mm f2!!!!!! I do, however, still have some research to do!

Hunter S. Thompson’s daily drug itinerary is fascinating here. Essentially cocaine from the time of waking up (3 pm) until marijuana at 6.

Also from Open Culture. My favorite horror novel The Raven, read by Vincent Price, Christopher Walken, and Christopher Lee. Poe’s work will go back into my reading list as we approach October, me thinks! Here.

My birthday is coming up for anyone who wants to buy me this $82,000 complete Nikon camera and lens set. Including the $18,000 400mm!

A 375 year old Bonsai that survived Hiroshima here. A beautiful Japanese white pine. I love bonsai and this is certainly a beautiful example!

Here are some fascinating “infographics” or mental maps showing timelines of human history. Great website to explore!

And street artist Above paints what I think might the coolest graffiti of the year 🙂

That’s it for now. I’m going to hobble to the kitchen now for some lunch!

Yes. Too busy to post! :(

Vacation season is upon us. August is traditionally a time when most of my colleagues are on holidays. Since I tend to take my holidays in the fall, this is the busy season at the office since we are so short staffed!

So I tripped and fell yesterday while walking to work. Very bizarre sensation slipping and falling on the pavement in July. There were freshly painted lines on Laurier and I just wiped out, slipping, I’m assuming, from either water or the reflective dust. My iPhone case is busted, I have a hole in my pants, a bruise on my knee, scrapes on my hands from my attempt to buffer my fall, and I have lost any chances of the coveted Mountain Goat award (I made the last one up). I have submitted a claim against the City for the repair of my iPhone case and my pants, but I won’t hold my breath. Très embarrassé. 🙂

I finally got a chance to get back to hot yoga on Sunday. It is very nice to get back to a regular schedule! I’m going to get my camera out this weekend! That will be quite nice! I miss just going out and taking photos!

Here is a quick link to an article written by Martin Scorsese on film literacy. When I read the article I went onto YouTube to watch the early 20th century films that he was speaking about such as the Great Train Robbery. Aint technology grand!

Anf, finally, if you haven’t seen this interview of Azlan on Fox “News”, you really should. Azlan, a biblical scholar, essentially rebuffs all of the clumsy anti-intellectualism of this interviewer on Fox tv (hard to call it news, right?). Essentially what the interviewer says is that Azlan, a Muslim, doesn’t really have any right to study Jesus. Even though Aslan is a professor of religious studies. Crooked Timber, of course, has the best academic commentary on this issue.

About two months

May 15 was the date that I posted about reading Dan Brown’s Inferno. Today it was announced that they are making it into a movie. Wow. That was fast! And at least Ron Howard is directing again.

Varia – too hot for full posting

After a week in the cottage and with the heat still sweltering, I have decided that even with air conditioning, I am not cooking or doing any full blog posts until the thunderstorms break this heat wave 🙂

And this version of Joyce’s Ulysses is MUCH easier to read than the real novel!

Slaves did not build the pyramid here.

Stuff to do in Rome here. All of these are on my list so expect photos!

And speaking of, here are a few shots from the weekend:





Really awesome shipping container home!

I love the concept of a shipping container home. It works well with my fetish for straight lines and open spaces. Tristan sent me this link of a great video showing off a several container version in California. I love the small footprint, open vista, and the ease of modular construction. As many of you know, I am quite interested in creating a modular home at the cottage. More about that later but, for now, here is the link.

Never heard of the patch?

In the “I didn’t think people could be any stupider” file goes this article on some dude who put a cage over his head to stop smoking…. except it probably doesn’t help his willpower when he takes it off to eat.

I would like to break into this guys house and replace his head cage with one that weighs several hundred pounds.

Im thinking that this guy is just doing it to avoid kissing his wife.