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à la Banksy

I went over to my friend Matt’s new place last night to watch the hockey game and eat Thai food. What a great place, and relatively close too. Summer BBQ will be sweet! It was a nice day, finally above 0 with some sunshine. I had forgotten what that bright thing was up in the sky!

I did take out my camera intent on some street shots with my legacy Canon 50mm 1.8. Below is a quick shot that is an homage to Banksy.


Iconic Photos : A better photo blog than mine :)

I have been collecting various blog links for a while and decided to share my favorites. This one, Iconic Photos, uses historical images and a brief essay for each. Great stuff!

Here is one that I really liked on the Paris Peace Conference.

And, if you want more background, please read one of the best historical books on the subject: Margaret MacMillan’s Paris 1919: Six Months That Changed the World.

Macro lens…. choices choices…

I love doing macro work but have only used a Sigma 70-200mm 4.0-5.6 as you can see from the lens test a few posts below. I have decided to get a dedicated macro lens and am now faced with a dilemma: do I choose the Panasonic/Leica 45mm or the Olympus 60mm? Both are 2.8. I absolutely love my Leica 25 1.4, pretty much attached to my GH2 all the time. It reminds me so much of my Pentax K1000 with its 50mm that I used to photograph with. Problem is that the Leica is $1000 as opposed to the $500 for the Olympus. And since I already have the adapter I will get auto focus with the Olympus but just no image stabilization.

UPDATE: Based on initial reviews, it appears that the Olympus is the way to go.

More to come!

Here are a couple from the Sigma:



Photography Courses

One of the benefits of being at home this week has been the ability to take advantage of Adobe’s Creative Live and Lynda’s Photography courses. I’m finishing up John Greengo’s Fundamentals of Digital Photography. A great overview course that covers types of cameras, sensor size, light, and composition. A great course that was both instructive and good to salve some of my creative juices since I’m stuck here at home. This, plus Ben Long’s Photography:┬áComposition series at, has kept me busy the last few sleepless nights. I did try to do some macro work here but, alas, even that tuckered me out. Tough to be creative with a sinus headache.

I am still in the decision mode as to whether or not to upgrade my GH2. I’m not sure yet as to the upgrade to the GH3 (Choice 1), the new Nikon D7100 (Choice 2), or going straight to full frame with the D600 (Choice 3). Choice 4 is to stick with my GH2.

I’m still at sticking with my GH2 since I haven’t any good reason, yet, to update my equipment…. although my upcoming trip to Rome is beginning to alter my decision!