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Space pron: An incredible manipulation of actual space imagery to fake motion. This technique, pioneered for this film is quite amazing and the IMAX movie looks fantastic! The artist has manipulated actual photographs with really high resolution and detail. More here.

It turns out, according to this British study, that class inheritance is strongly correlated with your grandparents choice of occupation even taking into account the class of the parents. According to researcher Dr Tak Wing Chan, from the Department of Sociology at the University of Oxford, said: ‘The “grandparents effect” in social mobility is found to operate throughout society and is not restricted to the top or bottom of the social class structure in Britain. It may work through a number of channels including the inheritance of wealth and property, and may be aided by durable social institutions such as generation-skipping trusts, residential segregation, and other demographic processes. Further investigation needs to be done to establish the precise mechanisms by which the grandparents effect endures, but our study of 17,000 Britons reveals that grandparents have a substantial effect on where their grandchildren end up in the British class system.’

And while up at the cottage in a few weeks I will be using this night painting technique for some experimental photography! Check this out!

I finally broke down….

… and put my air conditioner on. I have been attempting to tough it out but I had to throw in the towel when I had to do dishes this afternoon. And I cooked as well. Roast chicken and sweet potato purée. Very nice! The weather is stormy but the rain has yet to break the back of this humidity. I have the AC cranked up high. Sorry, environment. I will turn it off when the sun goes down. 🙂

And a group of us are seeing World War Z this week! So I stole a minute to run across the street today at work and bought the book. I’ll start it as soon as I finish this post! I have heard that the movie, while good, is a superficial storyline that neglects the serious questions posed and abandons the deeper elements made by the author in the book. See the Venn diagram here.

Yup…. my bad….

I have been quite busy lately so I apologize for the lack of updates!

The weather here is hot and humid. And I mean hot! All this week is in the 40s with the humidex but I am still resisting the call to put in my air conditioner! I was tempted last night as I cooked dinner but I survived!

If you are in the market for a new DSLR since your 16 megapixel camera just doesn’t cut it, try this.

A link here to some absolutely incredible time lapse movies of cities across the world. I love these!

And finally, for today (I promise to get back to a regular schedule soon!) is a fascinating look at artist Katerina Panikanova work painting books, you really have to see this for yourself here! Hmmm, perhaps her gallery deserves a visit when I am in Rome.

And yes, I will be posting my itinerary soon!

Oh, and I will be adding a post with photos of the artist in my building who puts up small drawn cutouts in the stairwells on my building. I just stumbled across this, more wonderfully imaginative images!

Fraser Cafe

A big happy birthday to my friend Matthew! We celebrated with friends at the Fraser Café on Beechwood. The menu was fantastic! I am really happy with the choices of good restaurants here! Heading to Absinthe with RP tomorrow night! I’m spoiling myself with some great food! Much better than pub fare!

Here are some iPhone photos of the pear salad, the steak on special, and a chocolate tart. The food was fantastic! I was really happy with my meal and we had a great time talking about traveling and our favorite foods!

And while I had too much to drink, I did get up late to do laundry. I skipped yoga, however, and plan on snoozing most of this rainy day away!




.dot location

Outside of Hong Kong, Singapore, the Vatican and other city states, the internet dot extension for everyone else is either .com or .country code (not to mention .edu or .org etc.).

This story is quite interesting though. ICANN, the people who regulate these sorts of things, gave authorization to allow .bzh and .paris for those in either Breton or Paris, respectively. While more extensions do lead to more confusion (and problems for marketers abound!), there is some sense to using more micro level geographic extensions. Expect a .nyc and .london soon!