Fujifilm GFX Medium format camera

Announced at Photokina, Fujifilm is introducing a 50.4 megapixel medium format camera. Six lenses are also announced for the system. More here. Impressive technology. They mentioned that the body plus one lens would be less than 10k. Cheap when compared to the Hasleblad system so threatening to the full frame market since this would cost the same with more resolution but not on my shopping list anytime soon. 

Mr. Robot, nothing but spoilers

As the end of season 2 is next week, I have decided to binge the show again to see if the theory that Eliot has a third personality, namely, Tyrell. And that Tyrell is the main personality with Eliot being his hacker persona. 

Outside of the eLLiot, oLLie, and tyreLL name connection, is there anything there?

I’m also interested in seeing if I can gain some more information on the origins theory regarding the nuclear power plant. Are the theories of time travel and alternate realities just red herrings? I think there is a wrinkle in the story. I don’t subscribe to the theory that this is all the Matrix (too obvious) or Lost (please no) but there is some sci-fi twist as yet revealed. 

Season 1

I was giddy as the show started since I know how good it will get! Things the second time around will provide better context, I’m hoping. Part of the Tyrell theory also includes Angela being Tyrells sister and not just an old friend. Their first interaction was telling . We find out that Angela found the job at E Corp for Eliot and within minutes in the first conversation with Tyrell, Tyrell mentions that he started as a tech guy and is now a rising executive in the company. Tyrell then says how much he is going to appreciate working with Eliot but why would their paths cross in such a large organization? My conjecture is that Tyrell is the main personality and Eliot is to Tyrell as Mr. Robot is to Eliot. I also didn’t realize the persistent motif of the fish. QWERTY is in a small fishbowl and is a black fighting fish. And that’s just the first 20 minutes! So I will just be blogging and binging.

It just struck me that when Eliot and Mr.Robot first go to the arcade that the guy who opens the door only looks at Eliot. I double checked and he didn’t even look in the direction of Mr. Robot. Inside the arcade Darlene notices that Eliot is talking to someone but I do know from the big twist that this scene is an early “tell” like when you watch The Sixth Sense for the second time. // holy shit it is obvious even in the first episode. 

The scene where Eliot does background on the arcade is interesting. The owner was shot three times in the back and the article noted that this was the fifth murder in a short period. Are these other murders connected to the main storyline? 

Another episode, and breakfast, done. Not much more on my initial conjecture. There is some question surrounding when they find out about Evil Corps role in the toxic waste dump killing both Angela’s mother and Eliot’s father.  But, it still doesn’t rule out the fact that Angela and Eliot could be brother and sister. I also found the scene with a young Eliot and his mother as they waited for the bus to be interesting since his mother appears as harsh as Tyrell’s wife. Sorry, my Freudian is showing. 

So, to restate: is Elliot Tyrell’s malware?

//well after an entire season binged on a rainy Saturday I can honestly say that I am no closer to either proving or disproving the whole Elliot/Tyrell connection.  In fact, I think I know less. But my beef Bourgogne was fantastic! 

Season 2

I got a late start to Season 2 but right from the beginning, the jail sequence is quite obvious. I initially thought that it was therapy but the scheduled day could have been prison as it turned out to be. Leon is a great character! 

Some street photos

I normally don’t take photos of people but with my new Leica 42.5mm I have been attempting some street photos. The light was really harsh yesterday since I was in the Market around noon doing some shopping. Taking photos of strangers certainly filled me with a sense of dread. Perhaps next time I will do these candids with a longer telephoto until I build better technical instincts for street shooting.

Hannah Arendt

I read Arendt’s work in university. On Totalitarianism is one of the books that I find still useful for understanding elements of contemporary society. Here is a great article on Arendt and “social slavery” in the United States in the immediate post World War 2 era. Her thoughts on the implicit necessity for individuals to have a capacity to determine their own role within the polity makes me wake up to the reality of small scale organization. My work in my union local was made most difficult because of exactly this question: how to involve people in their own social betterment? And what technology can be used to provide a platform for this interaction? I hadn’t realized, until now, that some of these answers were already in front of me. 

Flowers from the cottage

I had a really nice few nights at my friends cottage. I finally got a chance to kayak but outside of the turtle and some spiders, I didn’t see too many animals. But lots of nice flowers with the Leica 42.5mm f1.2. Superb lens but an interesting focal length to work with, especially since it means that I am taking pictures of people. Flowers are much easier to work with. 

Brexit and Trump

I was, like many, surprised when I awoke and saw the choice for Brexit. I too, like many, am looking for a narrative that explains this and the rise of Trump in the USA. Nationalism, for me, is an outcome of fear. The best I can come up with is that the failures of societies to democratize the gains inherent in globalization have led to the exclusion of large swaths of society whose only recourse was to reject the entire system outright. I then realized that this was the prescient conclusion of Haye’s 2012 book Twilight of the Elites that shows how wealth destroys notions of egalitarianism and erodes basic opportunities required for social mobility. Inequality is the cause of this turmoil. Why save the village that doesn’t allow you to prosper? A sad day for many who will continue to feel the pains of globalization but now with even less opportunity to counter it.  Cameron has announced his resignation as Prime Minister to be replaced by anothe Eton grad. Plus ├ža change. 

A few changes

now that I have moved into my new place and started my new job I can get back to posting photos. I have been buying lots of plants for both the backyard and inside but aren’t too sure what will work. So I used my Olympus 60mm for some macro photos both here at home with the new plants (including a beautiful eyes white rose) and Norway Bay for more flowers. While on a day trip north I saw a nice small church near where Champlains astrolabe was dug up. I caught a few dragonflies sunning themselves but they wouldn’t cooperate and stay too long.

Bon Iver – Holocene

We finished building the last of the furniture for my new apartment last night. The new media center was easier than I expected and the first thing I played on it was Bon Iver’s video Holocene. It made me miss Iceland.

It was a rough week moving and my back is aching. I’m going to need a day up at the Nordik spa just to get the kinks out although I am looking forward to hot yoga tomorrow. I have a lot of picture arranging on my beautiful large walls but that will be over the next several weeks. 
Several friends have already popped by and I can’t wait to have my inaugural gathering. Soon.

RIP My dad David Frederick McCormick

My father died late last week. 

I was in Vancouver but my father didn’t want me to come home. He wanted me not to worry about him. From my father I learned how to use humour when things got rough, I learned to love to travel, I learned to love to read, and I learned that the world was a big place. I was really happy to visit my dad a few weeks ago and I brought photos of Iceland. I loved looking at photos with my dad, and he always smiled when I told him the stories of the places I visited, much like I smiled as a young boy when he told me stories of his travels.

I drove up to Whistler the next day for lunch, I stopped many times to take in the beauty of the land and to think abut my dad. I will miss him. 

Here are just a few panoramas from my trip. Working on my photography has given me respite.

I want to thank all of you for the support and love in my period of grief. It is greatly appreciated and has helped me immensely.  


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