VLC Remote: iOS app for iPad/iPhone

So one of the reasons why I haven’t posted in a day or two is because I have been busy upgrading my PC in my living room with a new SSD and Windows 7.

Both were frustrating since it is rare to do these sorts of things but in the end, all is well and running like a charm. I always enjoy doing these computer repair jobs after they are finished.

I re-installed VLC Remote (an app for my iPad/iPhone) that runs that computer and the TV! Great app, gives me the ability to control the playlist, pause, volume control etc. I had some issues with Windows 7, sent an email to the developer and he responded within 15 minutes. God bless the interTubes!

So if you are like me and use your device to control your TV, pay the $4.99 for the Pro version. I appreciate good software and excellent customer support. Thanks Rob.