The Return of Craft: Sign Painters trailer

Tristan sent me this link today.

It is a trailer for an upcoming documentary about sign painting and sign painters. The trailer is compelling, establishing the dramatic element as sign making as craft versus the sign making machine that took over the market decades ago. Now the hand made sign is making a come back, or so I presume the documentary will show. One thing I found interesting is when one of the sign makers in the trailer says that old signs are art and he wants to make art. I agree and always notice these old signs in various urban cores. I’m going to look for some photos that I have taken of old and faded signs on the sides of buildings. I do know of one I see each day on my walk to work for an optometrist (?) on Bank Street that is quite old. I’ll take a picture of it tomorrow.

I’m hoping this documentary is as good as Garry Hustwit’s Helvetica from 2007 or Doug Wilson’s Linotype: The Film, both exploring typography and font design.