iPad apps

A friend asked me about what apps I currently use on my iPad so here are my favorites.

It is rare that I will pay full price for an app, most I get for free or from a price drop here.

1. FileApp Pro: I use this app to transfer books to my iPad. I created a network drive on my computer so after I turn the file sharing function on my iPad, I can simply drag and drop my books right to my iPad. The PDF reader is quite good but no sepia tone so it can be quite bright when reading. I can, of course, also just open them in iBooks. More here.

2. WordPress: I use WordPress for this blog and while I code javascript and HTML and all that great stuff it is really great just to be able to click on my WordPress app and I can upload my photos anywhere in the world as long as I have access to the net. I am certainly no super-user but it is really quite intuitive! And because it is open source, there is lots of documentation and updates! More here.

3. Splashtop: I was looking for an app that would allow me to control my desktop PC and Mac. This scans my home network and then mirrors my desktop on my iPad. That way I can use my iPad to control my main home network computer. Very useful since my desktop is my media centre. My iPad controls my media! More here. Oh, and I received an email with detailed instructions on how to fix my particular issue literally minutes after I sent an email to the developer.

4. AirVideo: I want my iPad to be my device that can stream audio and video from my main desktop computer. This app connects to my computers and allows access to my entire folder structure so I can stream and use my iPad as my monitor. More here.

5. VLCRemote: And finally, for today, VLCRemote mirrors my running version of VLC on my desktop. It gives me a complete playlist and the ability to control VLC on my desktop. Great app. More here.

I will continue with Travel apps and others tomorrow!