Wow! 2.5 hours of the best art I have seen in a long time!

I was first in line this morning for the Uffizi this morning and it was worth it hanging out for about 30 minutes or so. By the time it opened at 8:15 the line stretched for quite some time. I put my ear plugs in and absorbed the art for several hours.

I then climbed the Duomo, taking lots of photos of the interior construction of the done by Brunalesschi. I braved my fear of heights with the help of three Americans from California who were in Florence for just a few days. A great bunch, we chatted about the history of the done including the work by Vasari on the interior of the dome.

I then went to the Baptistry that is under construction outside but wow! What an interior!!!

I also found the spot, market with a circular piece of marble, where the huge ball from the top of the Duomo landed in January, 1600 after being hit in an electrical storm. People looked at me really weird as I smiled and took pictures of, to them, just the pavement!

After an amazing Steak Florentine, I found some great street art as I ambled my way back to the Hotel Duomo! I will sleep well tonight! Great resto: Trattoria Antico Fattore –