London 2024 – Thursday

I’m pretty sure that this was the first day that I was feeling less jet lagged. I was so happy with my hotel choice. The Clermont at Charring Cross was located so perfectly that I was able to access everything that I wanted. I think the furthest that I went was the Tate Modern but even that was only 25 minutes or so away.

I visited the Roman Mithraeum which I loved. I walked past St. Paul’s which is quite an architectural specimen, as were many of the buildings in the area. I was on my way to an archaeological exhibit on the site of a roman temple from 2 millennium ago. The cult of Mithras was imported to Rome and the Zoroastrian heritage is still present. From there I crossed the Millennium Bridge where my seat mate from the ballet the night before had mentioned that I could find some “micro art” on the foot bridge. Sure enough, there were hundreds! I walked the southern shore line and was hoping for a good photo with the reflections in the water.

I was going to a presentation at the University of London in the evening, it was a book launch for a new title Legacies of Migration and a few of the chapter authors were there to discuss their topics. One of them was about Van Gogh and his year in London in his early 20s. The main thesis is, as you can imagine, that migration is a constant in London and the city benefits from its multicultural past and present. I spent the afternoon at the British Museum which is beside the building with the lecture hall.