With my laptop gone I am having to make due with using SD cards sparingly so imagine my surprise when I checked in to my cottage near Vik today that I had lost my small camera bag with spare GoPro batteries and spare SD cards. 

Perhaps I offended an Icelandic troll or something?

Today was busy but the weather was really the issue. It went from sunshine to hail in minutes but I was, thankfully, close to my car. Five minutes later the hail was finished so I went out for more photos. 

I’m here at the cottage now, going through images since I now have very little space left. The GoPro is a bust since my card is full with no way to dump the contents. 

These images are from Vik and the Sólheimasandur plane wreck. The surf is incredible here, the waves are  20 feet high that break close to shore. I laughed when I saw a sign stating that swimming was dangerous in these waters. No kidding.